Mucosal immunity is our vision,

Infectious diseases, oncology and chronic inflammations our investigation fields,

Innovation our focus !

Leetchi money pot: coronavirus projects

A money pot has been launched to support B Cell Design and ArkAb projects in the fight against coronavirus Covid-19.

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B Cell Design expertise against coronavirus covid-19

B Cell Design brings its know-how in the fight against coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

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ONCOLUX program

European Union and French region Nouvelle Aquitaine funded B Cell Design's project ONCOLUX through FEDER (European fund for regional development)!

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From therapeutic researches to IVD solutions

Our solutions

Mucosal immunity


B Cell Design develops a new mucosal immunotherapy approach for generating a large number of drug and vaccine candidates in infectious field and oncology.
The innovation is based on a genetically modified mouse model (HAMIGA) producing chimeric human IgA. IgA is a class of antibodies particularly involved in the immunity of mucosal area (lung, gut, genital tract, ...) and associated glands (breast, prostate). Because of this characteristic, IgA is a well-adapted tool to develop innovative treatment for both infectious diseases and mucosal cancer.



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The antibody solution

ArkAb, B Cell Design subsidiarty, offers to in vitro diagnostic companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of chimeric human antibodies for several purposes:

  • Calibrators, positive controls and quality controls for in vitro diagnostic immunoassays to replace human disease state plasma.
  • Immunocapture antibodies to replace mice antibodies which triggers false positives or negatives due to HAMA antibodies.
  • Research reagents (development or renewal of diagnostic kits, improvment of the products portfolio…)



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Our expertise

B Cell Design focuses on mucosal immunotherapy which led to develop two groundbreaking drug candidates:

  • A vaccine candidate in infectious diseases field: a worldwide patented HIV vaccine (A new non-HIV vaccine antigen from the vaginal microbiota capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective antibody response against HIV infection – Europe Patent 14305174.6) to prevent or even cure HIV infections. Preliminary studies showed that this approach elicits an efficient local immune response, neutralizing HIV infection of human cells.
  • A drug candidate in oncology field (colorectal cancer) for immunotherapy, radioimmunotherapy applications or medical imaging.

ArkAb, B Cell Design subsidiary, is dedicated to the in vitro diagnostics market. Through its patented technology (HAMIGATM, GAMMAPRIMTM, InEpsTM), ArkAb develops and manufactures human chimeric antibodies to replace human disease state plasma currently used as calibrators, positive controls and quality controls.