Mucosal immunity is our vision,

Infectious diseases, oncology and chronic inflammations our investigation fields,

Innovation our focus !

Back from San Diego

We are back from San Diego where we attended AACC Clinical Lab Expo

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New scientific articles webpage

A new page with scientific article is available on our website!

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ArkAb will be created

The company ArkAb, B Cell Design's subsidiary will be created in the coming days!

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From therapeutic researches to IVD solutions

Our solutions

Mucosal immunity


B Cell Design develops a new mucosal immunotherapy approach for generating a large number of drug and vaccine candidates in infectious field and oncology.
The innovation is based on a genetically modified mouse model (HAMIGA) producing chimeric human IgA. IgA is a class of antibodies particularly involved in the immunity of mucosal area (lung, gut, genital tract, ...) and associated glands (breast, prostate). Because of this characteristic, IgA is a well-adapted tool to develop innovative treatment for both infectious diseases and mucosal cancer.



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The antibodies solution

B Cell Design offers to diagnostics companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of chimeric human antibodies for several purposes:

  • Calibrators, positive controls and quality controls for in vitro diagnostics kits to replace human disease state plasma.
  • Immunocapture antibodies to replace mice antibodies which triggers false positives or negatives due to HAMA antibodies.
  • Research reagents (development or renewal of diagnostic kits, improvment of the products portfolio…)



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Our expertise

B Cell Design focuses on mucosal immunotherapy which led B Cell Design to develop two groundbreaking drug candidates:

  • A vaccine candidate in infectious diseases field: a worldwide patented HIV vaccine (A new non-HIV vaccine antigen from the vaginal microbiota capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective antibody response against HIV infection – Europe Patent 14305174.6) to prevent or even cure HIV infections. Preliminary studies showed that this approach elicits an efficient local immune response, neutralizing HIV infection of human cells.
  • A drug candidate in oncology field (colorectal cancer) for immunotherapy, radioimmunotherapy applications or medical imaging.

ArkAb, internal division of B Cell Design, is dedicated to the in vitro diagnostics market. Through its patented technology (HAMIGA, GAMMAPRIM, INEPS), B Cell Design develops and manufactures human chimeric antibodies to replace human disease state plasma currently used as calibrators, positive controls and quality controls.