B Cell Design is a biotechnology company which develops innovative products and breakthrough therapeutic concepts for pharma industries. B Cell Design manufactures through its technological platform and its expertise a portfolio of solutions for in vitro diagnostic companies.
Based in Limoges, B Cell Design built strong partnerships with international in vitro diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.


A groundbreaking HIV vaccine

The approach of vaccination is innovative: it is mimicking the natural resistance of people frequently in contact with the HIV but still healthy.

In collaboration with SANOFI-PASTEUR and INSERM, we pushed further the knowledge to understand this resistance mechanism, which is clearly based on mucosal immunity, on antibodies and cellular responses established directly to the gate of entrance of the pathogen.

The innovation is based on the originality of the immunizing agent from a microorganism of the commensal flora and not the pathogenic virus HIV. The vaccine elicits a protective immune response toward HIV. Preclinical studies will be initiated in 2016 to confirm the immunogenicity and the safety of the vaccine formulation and its neutralizing potency in animal models.


Colorectal cancer immunotherapy

Colorectal cancer is the second most frequent cancer in women and the third one in men. In France, 100 patients are diagnosed every day and 16 000 are dying of this disease every year.

Only two class of immunotherapies are currently used to treat this disease. Though, none of them is targeting directly the tumor cells. In the world, the market of the therapeutic antibodies against colorectal cancer has reached 8.3 billion of dollars in 2013 and is foreseen to reach 10 billion in 2020, boosted by the sales of the Erbitux.

B Cell Design has developed monoclonal antibody targeting specifically a cancer cells marker. In preclinical in vivo studies, the drug candidate demonstrates a significant therapeutic benefit by a clear reduction of the tumor mass. This breakthrough approach in cancer immunotherapy opens the way for new applications as radio-immunotherapy and medical imaging for early stage diagnostic.

An alternative to characterized disease state plasma for in vitro diagnostic

Characterized disease state plasma is the critical raw material for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) for the development and the manufacturing of diagnostic kits. It is used as calibrators, positive controls and quality controls in immunoassay kits. However, it is sometimes extremely difficult to source disease state plasma especially containing high titers of anti- infectious diseases IgM, anti-autoimmunity markers or for allergy.

United States are consuming 50% of the worldwide disease state plasma. Though, they apply strong providing regulations protecting both donors and the supply chain:

  • Only referenced donors at the FDA and blood collection centre are giving blood samples
  • FDA is making no difference between in vivo and in vitro use making the regulation even stronger
  • Only specialized blood collection centres are allowed to take blood samples
  • These centres must have a licence specifying collection conditions, the kind of disease and the blood final use. The licence must be updated with each new disease
  • These centres are sparsely located in the United States decreasing the number of donors

Above all, blood must fit to characteristics such as titer of antibodies, lack of contaminants ...

B Cell Design provides an alternative solution to disease state plasma based on its technological platform:

  • In the Fields: autoimmunity, infectious diseases, allergy
  • Antibodies isotype: IgA1, IgG1, IgM and IgE
  • With same specificity as disease state plasma
  • Without cross reactivity
  • High titer of antibodies
  • Robust industrial production
  • No pathogen contamination

ArkAb provides ready-to-use products and custom made services to develop and manufacture antibodies in replacement of disease state plasma.


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