Since B Cell Design creation, we focused our research on mucosal immunotherapy through monoclonal IgA antibodies.

Over the last eight years, we have developed two therapeutic main projects:

  • a vaccine candidate in infectious field
  • a drug candidate in oncology field

Therefore, in addition to this new immunotherapeutic approach, B Cell Design optimized its technological platform of monoclonal antibodies to position us on in vitro diagnostic market. B Cell Design provides calibrators, positive controls, quality controls and immunocapture antibodies. Based on our expertise enriched throughout our industrial partnerships, B Cell Design plans to extend its offer to the whole IVD market via its Arkab division.

The innovation of B Cell Design is based on genetically modified mice designed by the laboratory of immunology – UMR CNRS 7276 – University of Limoges – CRIBL Laboratory –Lymphoproliferation and B cell immune response controls, directed by Dr. Pr. Michel COGNE.

Since 2008, B Cell Design and CNRS/Limoges University have executed a worldwide exclusive IP licensing agreement covering the three technologies (HAMIGA™, GammPrim™ and InEps™) for the production of human chimeric IgA1, IgG1, IgM and IgE for Research, Diagnostic, Theranostic, Imaging and Therapeutic applications.