B Cell Design expertise against coronavirus covid-19

B Cell Design brings its know-how in the fight against coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

B Cell Design and its subsidiary ArkAb have technological solutions and expertise that answer the therapeutic and diagnostic needs.

B Cell Design answered to several calls for projects dedicated to the fight against coronavirus Covid-19.

B Cell Design and ArkAb offer a research and development program with several deliverable:

  • Including tools for serological diagnostics of coronavirus Covid-19 : antibodies as positive controls and quality controls for diagnostic kits in hand of development or already on the market. B Cell Design has an industrial partnership with a Belgian company involved in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) medical devices D-tek (d-tek.be) and a partnership with a Canadian biotech Immune Biosolution ( ibiosolutions.com ). Once the program will start, the controls will be developed in 3 months, industrial batches will be available within 4 months. They will be included in IVD kits that detect antibodies anti-COVID-19 of these two companies (EIA immunoblot on stripes) and ELISA (immunoassay plates) respectively. The antibodies will also be added in ArkAb catalog to be marketed on top of the other parameters for infectious diseases range (ArkAb_products_catalog).
  • Meanwhile, B Cell Design develops its own test to screen patients with protective antibodies: antibodies able to bring a protective immunity, said neutralizing antibodies, which attack how virus works and block its replication (they avoid a fixation on host cells). This test will be produced under a kit form with a subcontractor for the clinical validation and OEM for production; marketing may be licensed to one or several in vitro diagnostics companies among ArkAb customers.
  • B Cell Design develops another version of this serological test by immunoassay in two steps, which will allow to test routinely on a large-scale the level of protective immunity in patients.
  • B Cell Design strategy is also to develop a specific treatment as local immunotherapy (intranasal, pulmonary nebulization or spray) based on its pioneer expertise in mucosal immunotherapy.

Further to several requests and contribution already received, a money pot has been launched to support B Cell Design and ArkAb developments in the fight against coronavirus Covid-19. To take part in this money pot, please click on Cagnotte_Leetchi_BCD/ArkAb

Thank you everyone !

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