chimeric monoclonal antibodies

The secure and reliable supply of advanced raw materials for in vitro diagnostics

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Offering a new generation
of raw materials for IVD

Quality, Flexibility, Bioproduction

Bcell Design supplies monoclonal antibodies with human-like characteristics for in vitro diagnostics. We provide a secure and reliable source of raw material as a best alternative to disease state plasma and human serum, currently used as calibrators, positive controls or quality controls for immunoassays.


built upon 15 years’ expertise in mAb and early-stage immunotherapy development

Bcell Design’s platform is based on patented genetically modified mouse models secreting human chimeric antibodies.
Through this platform, IVD developers and manufacturers gain access to a wide range of antibodies that are immediately ready for testing in human models.

Bcell Design:

Bcell Design addresses today’s needs for new and emerging best-performance clinical companion tests

Based on industrial bioprocesses, Bcell Design shortens production times, and ensures large production capacity

Bcell Design provides tailor-made development services (technical support, cell line transfer)

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